- Point of Sale for Retail and Hospo (Bar’s Café’s and Restaurant’s)

Easy to use Point of Sale with powerful reporting capabilities.


The software is super easy to use :

  • The software is in the Cloud and will run on any computer - so no specialised hardware requirements.
  • Very simple and easy to use Point of Sale functions.
  • Powerful sales reporting.
  • Keep track of your customers and their purchases.
  • Keep track of your stock with powerful and easy stock management.
  • You can connect a Cash drawer and / or receipt printer.
  • There are adaptions for different industries - General retail, Specialist retail, Hospo, On Behalf of sales and much more.
  • Also options for multi channel so you can integrate with your website or we can provide a website for you.

Point of Sale Screen

The Point of Sale screen is super easy to use while providing a ton of functions to make your life easier.

The following screenshot is for an Organics Grocer selling items in their Shop.

Here are some key points:
  • There are 2 items in the cart.
  • New items can be added by typing in the product name (in Search/ Scan Product) field, or scanning barcode or clicking on the quick selection options.
  • You can add frequently purchased items to the Quick pick menu - then simply click the item to add to cart.
  • can easily be removed or modified.
  • You can record the customers details and track their purchases.
  • To complete the sale, simply click the payment method the customer paid by.
  • There are easy to use and simplified reports to show you sales history, sales b y payment type and other key business information.
  • A multi channel option is available where your Shop Pos integrates with your website and you can process sales from Shop or Website.

Staff login screen

Each staff member has a pin to login with. You can specify what system functions they can perform.

Let us know what your need and we can have a chat about your requirements